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This contractual document will govern the contracting of products and services through the website [[Web]], property of


Acceptance of this document implies that the USER:

- You've read, you understand and you're agree with this text.

- He is a person with sufficient capacity to contract.

- Assumes all obligations set forth herein.

These conditions will have an indefinite period of validity and will be applicable to all contracts made to

through the website of HOTEL RECO DES SOL.

HOTEL RECO DES SOL informs that the trade is responsible and knows the current legislation of the countries to which

that offers its services and reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions, without this affecting

the goods or promotions that were contracted prior to the modification.

Identity of the contracting parties

On the one hand, the provider of the services contracted by the USER is RECO DES SOL 2016 SL, with registered office

at Calle Isidoro Macabich, 25 - 07840 Santa Eulalia del Río (Illes Balears), NIF B57968984 and with customer service

customer / USER 620843579.

And on the other, the USER, registered on the website through a username and password, on which he has

full responsibility for use and custody, and is responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided to HOTEL


Purpose of the contract

The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual relationship between HOTEL RECO DES SOL and the USER in the

moment in which he accepts, during the online contracting process, the rental of real estate for accommodation


The contractual relationship of booking accommodation involves the rental of the chosen property, for a limited time, to

change of a certain price and publicly exposed through the website. Extra services must be hired

at the time of booking.

Contracting procedure

The USER, in order to access the services or products offered by HOTEL RECO DES SOL, must register.

through the website by creating a user account. Therefore, the USER must provide

freely and voluntarily the personal data that will be required, which will be treated in accordance with the provisions

in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 27 (GDPR), and Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5 (LOPDGDD),

detailed in the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy of this website.

The USER will select a username and password, agreeing to make diligent use of the

themselves and not to make them available to third parties, as well as to inform HOTEL RECO DES SOL of the loss or theft of

the same or the possible access by an unauthorized third party, so that it proceeds to immediate blocking.


Once the user account has been created, it is reported that in accordance with the requirements of article 27 of Law 34/2002,

of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the contracting procedure

will follow these steps:

1. General contracting clauses.

2. Booking and payment process

3. Cancellations.

4. Claims.

5. Force majeure.

6. Competition.

7. Overview of the offer.

8. Price and validity period of the offer.

9. Purchase process.

10. Applicable guarantees.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction.



Unless specifically provided in writing, placing an order with HOTEL RECO DES SOL will mean acceptance by

USER part of these legal conditions. No stipulation made by the USER may differ from those of

HOTEL RECO DES SOL if it has not been expressly accepted in advance and in writing by HOTEL RECO DES SOL.


Our automatic availability and price calculation system will allow you to choose the apartment or house that you

interested and immediately make the online payment of 40% of the rental price or, failing that, you can make a

bank transfer within a maximum period of 48 hours. If such a transfer cannot be made within that period, your

reservation will be automatically canceled. The expenses originated by this payment method will be borne by the USER.

Confirmation of the reservation: Once the payment of 40% has been made, the reservation will be confirmed instantly and

you will immediately receive an email with all the details (apartment address, personal details of

contact, dates, etc.)

Online payment security: HOTEL RECO DES SOL is committed to protecting the data of USERS to the maximum and

you do not have access nor can you see at any time the credit card number that you enter in the form, this

information is encrypted and will be visible exclusively to the bank.

Bail Bonds

RECO DES SOL HOTEL has three types of bail ranging from € 200 to € 500. In the event that tenants are

a group of young people, must pay € 50 per person with a minimum of € 250.

The payment of the deposit is always in cash, because upon leaving the accommodation, after inspection, it will be returned

in cash too. In the event that there is damage to the accommodation, it will be deducted from said deposit.

Inputs and outputs

The arrivals and departures of our accommodation are on Saturdays.

Tickets: The key collection hours are from 17:00 to 20:00 at our offices at Calle Isidoro Macabich, 25 - 07840

Santa Eulalia del Río (Illes Balears).


Your accommodation will not be available before 17:00. If you arrive earlier, call us by phone, as you can leave your

suitcases in the agency.

For arrivals after 20:30 and until 24:00, there will be an additional cost of € 70.00.

Arrivals after 24:00 are not accepted, after that time you will not be able to enter your accommodation until 8:00

tomorrow the next day.

Upon arrival at our agency and in accordance with current legislation, you must give us the reservation form and

We will proceed to identify all occupants of the accommodation.

Subsequently, the owner of the reservation will sign a rental agreement and will pay the remaining 60% of the rent plus € 20.00

management fees and the tourist tax of € 0.50 per day of stay and person over 16 years of age, with a maximum of 7

days. (Law 5/2012 of 3/20/12. D.O.G.C. No. 6094 of 03/23/12) and the deposit. You can pay by credit card or

cash. The deposit will always be in cash.

The accommodation is delivered clean and with all kitchen utensils and utensils. Bath towels and sheets by

person are included in the rental price.

Departures: The accommodation's departure time is from 8:00 to 10:00. An agency person will appear at your

accommodation at the agreed time to check the condition of the apartment, collect the keys and return your deposit.

At the agreed time of departure from the accommodation, the tenants must be prepared and with the suitcases made and the

apartment picked up and clean. You must deliver the accommodation in the conditions in which it was found upon arrival

Extra services

If you are interested in hiring our extra services, you must do so at the time of booking:

Cleaning: You can hire our final cleaning service. For 1 bedroom accommodation € 50.00, accommodation

2-bedroom € 60.00, 3-bedroom accommodation € 70.00, 4-bedroom accommodation € 80.00, Private house

(semi-detached) € 110.00 and individual Villa € 160.00.

Cot: The rent of the cot is € 60.00.

Baby chair: The rental of the baby chair is € 45.00

Folding bed: The rental of extra bed is € 70.00

There are accommodations where pets are allowed, if you have a pet, you must inform HOTEL

RECO DES SOL at the time of booking for authorization.

Customer responsibilities

The client agrees to respect the regulations of the Community. During the rest hours from 22:00 to 9:00, no

It is allowed to use the accommodation for the purposes of party celebrations, or to make noise. In no case is it allowed

occupy the accommodation for more people than those established in its maximum capacity.

The use of electricity and water must be rational. When the air conditioner is open, don't forget to close doors and


Hanging towels and clothing on balcony railings is prohibited.


The pool schedule is set by each Community and is generally from 10:00 to 21:00. Nailing objects such as

parasols, awnings, etc. on the lawn, as well as using inflatable mattresses in the pool.

Children must always be accompanied by their parents and under their responsibility.

The person holding the contract is responsible for the correct behavior of all its occupants, otherwise

RECO DES SOL HOTEL reserves the right to expel the occupants of the accommodation, without future right

claims or any type of compensation.

Neither HOTEL RECO DES SOL nor the owner will be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may

cause as a consequence of the misuse of the accommodation, including without limitation: damage, loss after

fires, thefts, crime, accidents or other types of damage.


HOTEL RECO DES SOL will only accept cancellations of reservation in writing by e-mail:

- If the reservation is canceled before 30 days prior to the arrival date, HOTEL RECO DES SOL will return the client

50% of your reservation.

- If the reservation is canceled after 30 days prior to the arrival date, the total amount of the reservation will not be

refunded to the client (100%).


Our goal is that our clients have a pleasant stay.

If during therental should there be a breakdown in the electrical installations or devices, you must notify

immediately to HOTEL RECO DES SOL to resolve these incidents as soon as possible.

In case of force majeure (damage caused by water, fire, etc.), HOTEL RECO DES SOL will replace the accommodation

reserved by another of the same characteristics. In the case of unavailability of accommodation, HOTEL RECO

DES SOL will refund the total amount delivered.


Calle Isidoro Macabich, 25 - 07840 Santa Eulalia del Río (Illes Balears)

Telephone: 620843579


Online Dispute Resolution

Pursuant to Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, the European Commission provides a free access platform for

online conflict resolution between the USER and HOTEL RECO DES SOL, without resorting to the courts

of justice, through the intervention of a third party, called the Dispute Resolution Agency, which acts as an intermediary

Between both. This body is neutral and will dialogue with both parties to reach an agreement, being able to finally suggest

and / or impose a solution to the conflict.

Link to the ODR platform:


The parties will not incur responsibility for any fault due to a greater cause. Compliance with the obligation is

It will take until the cessation of the case of force majeure.


The USER may not assign, transfer or transmit the contracted rights, responsibilities and obligations.

If any stipulation of these conditions is considered null or impossible, the validity, legality and

Compliance with the rest will not be affected in any way, nor will they be modified in any way.

The USER declares to have read, know and accept these General Conditions in all their extension.


All sales and deliveries made by HOTEL RECO DES SOL will be understood as subject to these

General conditions.

No modification, alteration or agreement contrary to the Commercial Proposal of HOTEL RECO DES SOL or here stipulated

will take effect, unless expressly agreed in writing signed by HOTEL RECO DES SOL, in this case, these agreements

individuals will prevail.

Given the continuous technical advances and product improvements, HOTEL RECO DES SOL reserves the right to

modify its specifications regarding the information provided in its advertising, until it affects the value of the

services offered. These modifications will also be valid in the event that, for any reason, it is affected

the possibility of supplying the products offered.


The prices indicated for each product include Value Added Tax (VAT) or other taxes

that may be applicable and will be expressed in the EURO currency


The prices applicable to each property are those published on the website. The USER assumes that the assessment

economic of some of the services may vary in real time. Prices may change daily while not

the reservation is made.

Any payment made to HOTEL RECO DES SOL entails the issuance of an invoice in the name of the registered USER or

the company name that has been reported at the time of booking. This invoice will be delivered to the USER in the

rental termination time and payment of all contracted services.

For any information about the reservation, the USER may contact the customer service telephone number of

RECO DES SOL HOTEL 620843579 or via email to the address


Property search

Our website has a search system for different parameters to facilitate your choice of accommodation. Types

of reservations:

Book with immediate confirmation: Minimum price of the service stipulated on the web. You can make the reservation online

and add the extra services that suit you.

Price not available: In the case of not having the price of the service, the USER will be informed as soon as possible

possible, by email or phone.

Reservation (purchase request)

From the Online booking section, you can consult the description and characteristics of the accommodation, services

included, optional services (extras) and the particular conditions of each property.

The final price will be calculated according to the selected entry and exit dates, the people staying (adults and children) and

the chosen extra services.


The guarantee of the products offered will respond to the following articles based on Law 23/2003, of July 10,

Guarantees of sale of consumer goods and services:

Compliance of services with the contract

1. Unless proven otherwise, it will be understood that theservices are in accordance with the contract as long as they comply with all

requirements expressed below, unless by the circumstances of the case, any of them is not


a) Conform to the description made by HOTEL RECO DES SOL.

b) Are suitable for the uses to which services of the same type are ordinarily intended.

c) Are suitable for any special use required by the client, when he has made it known to HOTEL

RECO DES SOL at the time of the conclusion of the contract, provided that it has admitted that the service is suitable

for this use.

d) Present the usual quality and benefits of a service of the same type that the client can reasonably

wait, given the nature of this and, where appropriate, descriptions of the specific characteristics of

the services made by HOTEL RECO DES SOL.

e) HOTEL RECO DES SOL describes the details, technical characteristics and photographs of the properties provided

by their owners, so that you are not bound by these public statements.

2. The lack of conformity resulting from a service not performed or provided will be equated with the lack of conformity of the

contract, as long as the responsibility thereof falls on HOTEL RECO DES SOL or under its responsibility;

on the contrary, when the service not performed or provided is due to the negligence or bad practice of the USER, it will not be

will consider any lack of HOTEL RECO DES SOL and will be considered in accordance with the terms of the contract.

3. The responsibility for lack of conformity that the USER knows or could not ignore in the

moment of the conclusion of the contract or that have their origin in information provided by the USER.

Responsibility of HOTEL RECO DES SOL

HOTEL RECO DES SOL will respond to the USER for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of the

delivery of accommodation. HOTEL RECO DES SOL recognizes the USER the right to repair the service, at their

substitution, price reduction and termination of the contract.

1. If the service is not in accordance with the contract, the USER may choose to demand repair or replacement of the

same, unless one of these options is impossible or disproportionate. From the moment the USER

communicate to HOTEL RECO DES SOL the chosen option, both parties must abide. This decision of the USER is

understands without prejudice to the provisions in the cases in which the repair or replacement fails to put the service in

pursuant to the contract.

2. Any form of sanitation that imposes costs on HOTEL RECO DES SOL shall be considered disproportionate.

compared to the other form of sanitation, they are not reasonable, taking into account the value that the service would have if

there would be no lack of conformity, the relevance of the lack of conformity and whether the alternative form of sanitation is

could be carried out without major inconveniences for the USER.

Rules for product repair or replacement

Repair and replacement will conform to the following rules:

The necessary expenses made to correct the lack of conformity of the services will be free for the USER


They will be carried out in a reasonable time and without major inconveniences for the USER, taking into account the

nature of the services and the purpose they had for the USER.

If the repair is completed and the property is delivered, it is still not in accordance with the contract, the USER may

demand the replacement thereof, the price reduction or the termination of the contract.

If the substitution fails to bring the property in accordance with the contract, the USER may demand the repair of the

same, the price reduction or the termination of the contract.

Price reduction and termination of the contract

The reduction of the price and the termination of the contract will proceed, at the choice of the USER, when the latter cannot demand the

repair or replacement of the service and in cases where these have not been carried out within a reasonable time or without

major inconveniences for the USER.

The resolution will not proceed when the lack of conformity is of little importance.

Criteria for price reduction

The price reduction will be proportional to the difference between the value that the service would have had at the time

of the delivery having been in accordance with the contract and the value that the service actually delivered had in the

time of delivery.


Unless proven otherwise, delivery is understood to be made on the day shown on the reservation.

The USER must inform HOTEL RECO DES SOL of the lack of conformity at the time it has occurred

account of the same or, at the most, at the end of the stay.

Unless proven otherwise, it will be understood that the communication of the USER has taken place within the established period.



These conditions will be governed or interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation in what is not expressly

settled down. HOTEL RECO DES SOL and the USER agree to submit any controversy that may arise from the

provision of the products or services object of these Conditions to the courts and tribunals closest to Santa

Eulalia del Río.

In the event that the USER is domiciled outside of Spain, HOTEL RECO DES SOL and the USER resign

expressly to any other forum, submitting to the Spanish jurisdiction established in the previous paragraph


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